I am able to offer a full notarial service for a wide range of documents required for use throughout the world for both individual and commercial clients.

Services include:

  • Administering oaths for use abroad
  • Administering affidavits for use abroad
  • Administering declarations for use abroad
  • Witnessing signatures to deeds
  • Certifying copies of identification documents
  • Witnessing Powers of Attorney for use in countries worldwide
  • Witnessing documents required when buying or selling property abroad
  • Witnessing and certifying documentation required when adopting abroad
  • Witnessing documentation required when applying to sponsor a friend or relative
  • Witnessing documentation required when involved in foreign court proceedings
  • Certifying documents required when marrying abroad
  • Verifying and certifying degree certificates and other qualifications
  • Administering declarations required to support OCI applications
  • Witnessing “proof of life” forms for insurers and pension providers abroad
  • Notarising foreign Wills and witnessing documents associated with administering estates abroad
  • Notarising consents for children to travel abroad without one or both parents
  • American Acknowledgments
  • Certifying Companies House documentation for companies (including Certificates of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Certificates of Good Standing)
  • Certification of Identity and authority of Directors, Company Secretar(y)(ies), or other company officers
  • Certifying copies of company resolutions, minutes, reports and other company documents.
  • Certifying the execution of company documents (including powers of attorney, contracts etc.)
  • Applying for an apostille from the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • Applying for embassy or consular legalisation

Timescales vary depending on a number of factors and are often specific to your individual matter. I will provide an estimated timescale upon sight of your documents and any covering instructions of your foreign adviser.