In order for me to confirm my ability to act, any specific requirements and my anticipated costs and disbursements, I will need to see the documentation. I therefore request that you send this to me by email.

Often such documentation requires amendments, including the addition of my details, and this will sometimes necessitate me corresponding with your advisers overseas. By supplying the documents by email before our meeting, we can ensure that we can proceed and save on wasted time and expense. 


I am legally and professionally obliged to identify my clients and must therefore insist on seeing your original identification documentation before I can act on your behalf.

I will usually require sight of your:

  1. Original, current, passport OR driving licence bearing your photograph AND
  2. Evidence of your address by way of a bank statement or utility bill less than 3 months old (mobile phone bills are not acceptable).

If you are unable to produce this documentation, please advise me prior to our meeting.

If your identity documentation does not match your name and/ or address in the documentation which requires notarising, please advise prior to our meeting as further evidence of the reasons for the discrepancies must be provided.

Foreign Languages

I am professionally obliged to ensure that I understand the document which requires the notarial act. For documents drafted in a foreign language, I will usually need to insist on an independent translation (by a qualified translator) before I can act on your behalf.

In order to act in the best interests of my client, I must also be able to speak to and understand them. If you are unable to speak or understand English sufficiently for these purposes, I will need to utilise the services of an independent, qualified interpreter.